When Can Your Partner Feel Your Baby Move?

Those first flutters of your baby moving inside of you is one of the loveliest feelings in the world. And in those earlier weeks when you start feeling movements, the little flutters and kicks are reserved just for you as they are still too tiny for anyone else to feel. It’s a bonding experience between mother and baby when all its twists and turns are for you, and you only. Most women start to feel the baby kicking from between 18 to 22 weeks pregnant. However, that’s just a general time frame and lots of women feel the movements even earlier than 16 weeks, while some women are 25-26 weeks before they feel any definite movement. It is also easy to confuse those first tiny flutters from your baby as trapped wind or butterflies, so you may be feeling your baby and not even realize it.

At some point, your partner is going to want to feel those little movements, too. Unfortunately for him, though, he’s going to have to wait a little while longer than you before he’s able to feel the baby kick. There is no definitive stage in pregnancy for when your partner can feel the baby’s movements, however, as just like every woman is individual, as are their pregnancies. For some, your partner might be able to feel the baby move from as early as 20 weeks, while others might have to wait closer to 30 weeks before they can feel anything.

When your husband is able to feel the baby move depends upon different factors such as the following.

  • Your weight
  • Area of the placenta
  • Position of the baby
When Can Your Partner Feel Your Baby Move If You Are Overweight?

Being overweight will not make any difference to when you can feel the baby move from within, as there is no fat inside the uterus, you will feel the movements at the same point any woman would. It will likely make a difference to when your partner can feel those little movements, though.

As plus size ladies have more layers of fat cushioning their uterus, it won’t be as easy to see or feel the kicks from the outside. You might be late in the second trimester or entering your third trimester before there are any definite movements that your husband can feel. That being said, however, every woman is different and your baby might be very mobile. So some larger ladies might have significant movement earlier than others.

When Can Your Partner Feel Your Baby Move If You Have An Anterior Placenta?

An anterior placenta is when the placenta embeds itself on the front wall of the uterus. It isn’t harmful to your or your baby, and is actually very common with more than half of pregnant woman having an anterior placenta.

While it isn’t harmful, it can mean that it will take longer before any movements from your baby can be seen or felt from the outside. As the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus, it acts as a cushion to the baby’s kicks, making them harder to see from outside. It might be later on in your second trimester when baby is a lot bigger before your husband is able to feel the baby moving.