Prettiest Maternity Blouses To Wear To Your Baby Shower.

Baby showers are increasing in popularity, and with more women having a baby shower – either surprise or otherwise – comes more women who want to wear something a little special. Finding pretty and comfortable maternity clothes is a task in itself, so I thought I’d help you girls out. So why not put your (likely swollen) feet up, sit back, and have a look through some of the prettiest maternity blouses to wear to your baby shower (and beyond).

Obviously, unless you’re rolling in it and money is no object, you probably don’t want to buy a maternity shirt that you will only wear once. So while the blouses I’m going to show you here are pretty, there is no reason you can’t wear them again during your pregnancy and even after the birth.

prettiest blouses to wear to your baby showerprettiest maternity blouses to wear to your baby shower

The LaClef short sleeve surplice maternity and nursing top is perfect. It comes in blue and mauve (pictured) so you can wear a gender-related color if you prefer. But it also comes in various colors and patterns so you can buy several of these gorgeous tops to wear all throughout your pregnancy. The best thing about this top is that not only is it a perfect maternity top, but it doubles as a nursing top as well so you will definitely get your money’s worth. The crossed v-neck pulls easily to the side to allow for easy access when breastfeeding and the stretchy material fits nicely over your bump, but shrinks back again when your baby is born to give you a flattering shape.

A small number of women have complained that they have been sent the wrong size, though. So if you are ordering one of these, be sure to double check the item upon delivery to be sure you’ve received the correct size.

prettiest maternity blouses to wear to your baby showerprettiest maternity blouses to wear to your baby shower

The Hello MIZ lace blouse is pretty and comfortable. It’s specifically made to be worn all throughout your pregnancy as it is stretchy so will accommodate your bump as it expands. You pull it on over your head so no need to worry about awkward zippers and there is no denying how pretty this is. Again, this one comes in the pictured pink and blue if that’s your jam, but it also comes in white and navy. You’ll look fab in this at your baby shower, no matter what color you decide to go for.

The downside to this one is that although it can be worn after the birth, it doesn’t double up as a nursing top. This isn’t a huge deal, especially if you’re not planning on breastfeeding, but I know it can be off-putting to some women.

prettiest blouses to wear to your baby shower

The PattyBoutik Mama Crewneck blouse is great for those colder days when you want your arms covered. I love this one because it can be dressed up with a chunky necklace and smart trousers, or dressed down paired with some leggings. It’s so versatile and comfortable. An added bonus with this blouse is that it is also a nursing blouse so again you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

It only comes in two color combinations though, black and white or gray and navy. But honestly that’s not a deal breaker with a blouse this good.

prettiest maternity blouses to wear to your baby shower

Okay, so this PattyBoutik Mama Boatneck lace top isn’t exactly a blouse, but it’s so versatile and comfortable that I just couldn’t leave it off this list. This top will look great with pretty much anything – from leggings to jeans, to office wear, with or without jewelry, dressed up or dressed down. The stretchy material means that you can wear this top from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy with no issues.

Sadly, this top only comes in two colors – black and navy. Another downside to this top is that it doesn’t double as a nursing top. But I definitely think you’ll wow the crowd at your baby shower with something this classy.

If a maternity dress is more your thing, you might also like my list of Gender Reveal Dresses. Like some of the blouses, they come in a variety of colors, not just pink or blue, and would suit a multitude of occasions.